Thank you for registering for our training
Your Paypal receipt is your confirmation
you have paid for your classes and you
have reserved a spot in the class you have

In the past some of our email confirmations
did not make it to our handlers. Due to
spam, firewalls and junk folders.

Please do the following so we can assure
you have a secured spot in the class you
have chosen.
Email us at
click here for our email

1. Your name, dogs name,
dogs age and breed.

2. Phone number or numbers you
can be reached.

1. Some tasty treats for your dog, whatever
leash and collar your have been using.
If you have used training collars in the past feel
free to bring them along.

If you have any questions please let us know.

THANK YOU for being such a good sport!

These days with online security it was hard for
our system emails to make it through.

This new policy will insure accurate
communicaion between us.

See you in class!