Our Instructors
Nancy Diepenbrock
I have had dogs all my adult life.  Mostly BIG dogs….great danes, golden
retrievers, a  boxer, but I have also been the owner of smaller dogs…
bassett hounds and a blue heeler.
(I didn’t own all of them at once!).  I just love dogs…any breed, any size.  

All my pets have always gone to manners and obedience classes, and it
was a major accomplishment for me to graduate my bassets from
obedience (these dogs are NOT bred for that discipline!).   It was a lesson in

My current dog, Quincy, has been doing agility with Nicole for almost 2
years.  We recently participated in our first agility competition, and Quincy
did me proud, bringing home many ribbons.  He also continues to be my
Therapy Dog partner, and recently received his TDIAOV status (150 visits).  
He has 8 more visits to go before he will also receive his TWT (Tail Waggin’
Tutor) status, which means he has made 100 visits with children at schools
or libraries.  

Quincy got certified as a Therapy Dog in April of 2011.  Shortly after that, I
met Nicole, and we began to cultivate the seeds to start a Therapy Dog
Chapter here in the Northwoods.  Chapter 250 was officially sanctioned in
February of 2012, with me volunteering to take on the position of Director.  
When we started, our membership consisted of eight dog/handler teams.  
But that has rapidly changed!  Interest has run high, and as of this writing,
we now have 19 certified dog/handler teams.  Between all of us, we visit 28
different facilities!  Our geographic area spans from the across the state
line into Michigan, and as far as Presque Isle and Park Falls.  Some of our
members are “seasonal” and visit in the Northwoods only during the
summer, but do therapy dog work  in Chicago or Florida during the winter.

I look forward to working with all prospective dog/handler teams.  If you
have a dog that you think would make a good therapy dog, I encourage
you to test!  We can use all the help we can get!  There are so many
requests for dogs….join us!
Cindi Vozka
I have been a dog sitter for many years. I have owned dogs for over 30 years.
I have attended several dog training classes. Two of my dog’s received the
AKC’s Canine Good Citizen award. One of my dogs is a Certified Therapy
dog, and we are very active in the TDI program. We are also taking agility
I have owned several different breeds of dogs starting with labs, standard
poodles, Maltese, Lhasa Apso. I have rescued several dogs and found them
placement in good homes